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TS2017 Tutorials Home Page, A Guide for Beginners

The following tutorials are offered to you as an enhancement to the many resources available on the Internet relating to DTG's Train Simulator 2017. By no means are these tutorials exhaustive, nor do they cover every aspect or feature of the topic. They were produced in an effort to provide the beginner with easy, step-by-step guidance. Further information can almost always be obtained by posting a question on the forums mentioned on our blog page, Route Building #1 - Introduction and Planning.


Video Tutorials, by Glenn Ives
My buddy, Glenn, in the UK also does not claim to be an expert in this field. He produced a couple of video tutorials for me when I was first getting involved with shapes and textures. I found them helpful and so, with Glenn's permission, I am making them available to you:

3ds Max Video Tutorial #1 - Basic Shape Creation and Exportation to Railworks  90.2Mb   15:01
3ds Max Video Tutorial #2 - RW Texturing and Shaders   1.17Gb   58:03


Book Tutorials, by Grant Henderson
 Route Building #1 - Introduction and Planning
 Route Building #2 - Railworks Folder Hierarchy
 Route Building #3 - Railworks File Information
 Route Building #4 - Supplementary Programs
 Route Building #5 - The Railworks World Editor
 Route Building #6 - Getting Started (The Golf Course)
 Route Building #7 - World Editor Orientation/Preparing Your World
 Route Building #8 - Placement of Objects
 Route Building #9 - Laying Track
 Route Building #10 - Manipulating Track
 Route Building #11 - Building Roads
 Route Building #12 - Placing Procedural Objects
 Route Building #13 - Placing Static Objects
 Route Building #14 - Adding Water/Using Decals
 Route Building #15 - Fine Tuning the Landscape
 Route Building #16 - Foliage
 Route Building #17 - Adding Sounds
 Route Building #18 - Clean-up and Packaging

Video Tutorials, by Grant Henderson
Route Building #9 & 10 - Laying and Manipulating Track


Book Tutorials, by Grant Henderson
Scenario Creation #1 - The Scenario Editor
Scenario Creation #2 - Free Roam Scenarios
Scenario Creation #3 - Quick Drive Scenarios
Scenario Creation #4 - Standard Scenarios
Scenario Creation #5 - Career Scenarios

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