This is the only page upon which I encourage comments, accolades (at-a-boys), and gripes. I do not want the other pages of my Blog to become cluttered. All comments posted here will be given due consideration and will hopefully result in an improvement to my Blog, such that we can all benefit.

When you leave a comment here please keep it on a helpful note. Additional comments telling me why you feel the way you do, and a suggestion of how something could be improved, are always welcome.

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Unknown said…
Hey Grant. Looking forward to your release date. I live in SW B.C. (Lower Mainland) along the CN New Westminster Sub at Lake City. I've been following your tutorial blogs and so far they are the best that I've been able to find. Videos on You Tube are great but often rushed and hard to follow. I've decided to make an attempt at creating the B.C. Rail Squamish Sub, between N. Vancouver and Squamish and if that goes well, I'll continue the line North to Lillooet. Chris
RoadMaster said…
I'm looking forward to it, as well. Unfortunately, daily clamor and a recent death in the family has resulted in a significant break from the creation of the route. It is my intention to resume building within the next couple of months.

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