TS2017 ROUTE BUILDING #4 - Supplementary Progams

Route Building #4 - Supplementary Programs

"It's a lousy carpenter who blames his tools."

The Railworks Route editor is the only tool that can be used to create a route for Railworks. However, the use of some auxiliary programs is often necessary to prepare the files for use in the Route Editor and/or, to check and verify that all the files required for a route to operate are present, and in their correct locations.

It is common for a route builder to be armed with a graphics program capable of handling a multitude of image file extensions. I use Paint.net as it is capable of handling all the image file extensions that we will come upon in the creation of a route. And best of all, Paint.net is FREE! You can obtain Paint.net by visiting their website. You may also wish to make a PayPal donation to their continued development of their program, as did I.

For people who are involved in the modelling and texturing of assets, a good 3d shape program is required. The 3d program of choice of Dovetail Games is 3ds Max, by Autodesk. While there are many 3d shape programs available on the market, I have chosen to use 3ds Max for the main reason that the plug-ins supplied in the DEV folder of the Railworks parent folder are specifically written for 3ds Max.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT 3DS MAX -- The Railworks plug-ins for 3ds Max will not work with Max 2017! You must have 3ds Max 2016, or earlier, in order for the RW plug-ins to work. Railworks uses its own proprietary shaders. The use of standard shaders and multi-sub objects will prevent 3ds Max from exporting the shape into the required IGS file. The export attempt will fail with the use of anything but RW Material.

I am not familiar with the use of any other 3d modeling programs and so, I cannot comment on those.

In my experience (and this is just me talking) I have found the program RW Tools by Mike Simpson to be an indispensable program. It can be used to set up new routes, check the integrity of installed routes, and advise you of any files that may be missing and where they are supposed to be. This dandy little program of Mike's has saved me a ton of grief. I suggest picking it up from his website.

This is a dandy little converter for .dav to .wav conversions, and vice versa. If you are planning on integrating your own sound files into the route, this program is a must. You can download it at UK TrainSim.

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