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This blog was created for the sole purpose of sharing information, resources, and experience relating to route planning, creation, and enhancements to the computer simulation "Train Simulator" (2013-2017), by Dovetail Games.

By no means am I an expert in the field of 3D modelling or route creation. Yet, I have learned much about the inner workings of the game from others, and through my own efforts and experimentation. While there are a number of tutorials available on the subject of TS2013, and onward, I have found that most of them are either antiquated or seriously lacking in step-by-step information. For that reason, I have decided to compile a more recent and detailed set of tutorials on route building and texturing, as well as the use of the Blueprint Editor. In time, as these tuts are completed, I will post them on this blog under the label: Tutorials.

There is a good friend in the UK who has prepared some excellent video tutorials on the use of 3ds Max, by Autodesk, the 3d program of choice of Dovetail Games. You will find those videos under the Tutorials label.

Canadian Pacific Railway Southeast British Columbia (WIP)
Rocky Mountain Simulations is in the process of creating a new Canadian route for TS2017. At present, the only Canadian add-on route for Train Simulator is the Canadian Mountain Passes route available through Steam. That will soon change with the introduction of the route add-on: Canadian Pacific Railway Southeast British Columbia. The route boasts nearly 300 Miles of single line track, weaving through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in British Columbia. More than three hundred unique shapes were created for use in the route in an effort to provide the enthusiast with a very accurate representation of the area.

More than 2000 hours have gone into this project so far. Given the enormity of the route, the projected release date is in the Spring of 2018. There is still much to do to reach the standards of quality set by the author (me).

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I hope you find it useful.

Warm Regards,

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