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(WIP) Canadian Pacific Railway Southeast British Columbia

Actual Photo, Not a screenshot.

I am so excited about this project. Having lived in the area of British Columbia where the route is situated I have a real passion for the majesty of the mountains, the timeless flow of the rivers, and the life energy of the trees and foliage. Wild animals of the region abound.

The backyard of my property in Sparwood bordered the Cranbrook Subdivision track on its way to the Crowsnest Pass. The diesel locomotives would roar past my yard at Notch 8, with the sound of thunder as they made their way toward Alberta.

Actual Photo, Not a screenshot.

Route Specifications

Name of Route: Canadian Pacific Railway Southeast BC
Project Start Date: 19-Dec-2015
Starting Point coordinates: Lat. 51.306288; Long. -116.985171
Starting Point Location: Golden Coal Yards, Golden, BC
Lowest Track Elevation: 785 metres
Highest Track Elevation: 1652 metres
Version and Release Date: Version 1.0, Projected Release Date: Spring, 2018
Description:  The CPR Southeast BC route for TS2017 consists of 4 subdivisions encompassing the entire southeastern corner of the province of British Columbia, Canada.
The Windermere Sub runs primarily north/south along the Rocky Mountain trench, from the Golden Coal Yards to Fort Steele. There, it joins the Cranbrook Subdivision which runs primarily east/west along the 50th parallel. One would head west at Fort Steele to get to Cranbrook.
Heading east along the Cranbrook Sub will ultimately terminate at the Crowsnest Pass Yard, found at the BC/Alberta border. The Fording River Sub begins at Sparwood, BC, and heads northward, past Elkford, to the Fording River Coal mine. There are four coal mines to be found along the Fording River Sub.
The Byron Creek Sub branches off the Cranbrook Sub at the Corbin turn-off, several miles west of the Crowsnest Pass Yard. This Subdivision serves only one coal mine at its terminus.
Installation Method: Undetermined
Size of Download: Unknown
Size of Installed Route: Unknown
Prototypical or Freelance Operations: Prototypical mainlines and branches. Automatic switches protect all the yards off the main line. Manual switches apply to sidings along the mainline. Manual switches within all yards.
Freight or Passenger: Freight
Era or Genre: Modern
Location: Southeastern British Columbia, Canada
Number of Subdivisions:4
Length of Windermere Sub: 145 miles
Length of Cranbrook Sub: 110 miles
Length of Fording River Sub: 34 miles
Length of Byron Creek Sub: 12 miles
Combined length of all 6 Subdivisions included in this route: 301 miles of mainline track.
Number of Sidings:
Number of Yards: 3 Yards, namely:
                                                                Golden Coal Yard
                                                                Cranbrook Yard
                                                                Crowsnest Yard

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: All Mainline track is single line.
Track Switches: Mostly manual switches except those which would protect a yard. Yard entrance switches are all automatic.
Level of Trackside Detail: 95% +
Percentage of Scenery Completed:20%
FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 35 fps
Activities Provided: 6 Standard Scenarios
Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: None
Add-In Track Sets: None
To be released as: Payware
Author: Grant Henderson (RoadMaster259)

(WIP) Kettle Valley Heritage Railway
This is our next project. Although the KVHR is not a CP route, I feel that it is worthy of reproduction. But don't hold your breath waiting for it. I won't even be moving forward with it until I have released the CPR Southeast BC route and the Nelson Sub route.

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